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After-school Tutoring & Summer Enrichment



750+ K-2nd grade students helped through free After-School Tutoring and Summer Enrichment Programs designed to improve academic performance.


39 highly qualified certified teachers, paraprofessionals and site coordinators, led by seasoned and credentialed educators, work closely with high school tutors to deliver curriculum.


30% of current Tutor Corps students (a rigorous college prep curriculum) were previously enrolled in the After-school Tutoring & Summer Enrichment program.


Free of charge, the program serves students identified by Collier County School District as at-risk of failure.

100%of students will make academic gains. Additionally, the program inspires students to believe in themselves and aspire to attend college.




41.6% of Immokalee’s population lives below the federal poverty level.


97% of students in Immokalee’s public schools qualify as economically needy.


82% of children in Immokalee enter kindergarten performing below grade level.


By 3rd Grade, children who fall behind and do not attain a solid foundation will struggle for the rest of their lives.


5x as many students from low-income households drop out of high school compared to middle and high income households. Nationally, poverty rates are 3 times higher for Black and Hispanic families compared to White families. (American Psychological Association).


67% of the achievement gap between lower and higher-income youth results from

unequal access to summer learning opportunities.