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100 academically capable, financially needy Immokalee High School students are enrolled in Tutor Corps.


$16,000 is available for each student to accrue in college scholarship funding.


$2,500 per year is the average wage earned by students working as Tutors in the After-school Program.


1-on-1 support is offered via adult mentors from the community.


All students receive intensive pre-college preparation including public speaking, financial literacy & writing workshops, ACT & SAT prep, help with college applications, scholarship and financial aid applications, academic counselling and college tours.


100%of high school seniors will graduate high school.


92%or more will receive college degrees; to date 124 college graduates - a powerful return on investment.



41.6% of Immokalee’s population lives below the federal poverty level.


97% of students in Immokalee’s public schools qualify as economically needy.


Without support, many academically successful Immokalee High School students will struggle with focusing on education versus working to help their families, and underperform in school.


54.2% of adults over the age of 25 in Immokalee have a less than a 9th grade education.


3% of the population of Immokalee have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.


5x as many students from low-income households drop out of high school compared to middle and high income households.


3x the national poverty rate, Black and Hispanic families rank higher compared to White families. (American Psychological Association)

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