Legacy and Non-Cash Gifts

Below are a variety of legacy and non cash gift vehicles that the Guadalupe Center is able to accept. Gifts marked with an asterisk qualify for the Legacy of Hope Society. More information about this recognition society can be found at right. 



Planned gifts can be as simple as listing a charity as a beneficiary in your will, trust, life insurance policy or retirement plan. 

Bequest language: “I do hereby give, devise and bequeath to...XX% or $XX, of my estate to support for general use and purpose.” 


Legal Name: Guadalupe Center, Inc., a not-for-profit organization

Address: 509 Hope CircleImmokalee, Florida 34142

Federal Tax ID#: 59-2617151


Barbara and Joe Baughman explain why they chose this vehicle.

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Establish an endowment fund to benefit the Guadalupe Center. Your endowment can fund a particular program or position, or help with our general operating needs. The Guadalupe Center has established endowment funds with the Community Foundation of Collier County. You can contribute directly to one of these funds, or establish a new fund. Donors receive annual updates on the performance of these funds. 


Rosemary and Walter Blankley chose to establish an endowment fund.

Read their story here. 










Transferring stocks that have increased in value can provide greater tax advantages than cash. The market value of securities is deductible (subject to applicable limitations) and the donor avoids paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.  


For more information on transferring stocks click here.  




Gifts from your IRA are a smart way to support the Guadalupe Center, and may have significant additional tax benefits depending on current tax legislation.  




Charitable Lead Trust  

Establish a trust that provides annual payment to the Guadalupe Center for a set number of years. The remaining assets can be designated to family members or other beneficiaries. 


Charitable Remainder Trust  

Make a gift by transferring appreciated assets into an irrevocable trust. Get an immediate tax deduction, maintain control of the investment of the assets and receive income from the investment for the rest of your life, with the remainder of assets designated to the Guadalupe Center. 



Debbie and George Braendle established a charitable lead trust benefiting the Guadalupe Center.

Read their story here.  









Make a gift of $25,000 or more and receive a guaranteed lifetime income stream from us. While the Guadalupe Center does not administer Charitable Gift Annuities, you can establish one at the Community Foundation of Collier County or any administrator of your choice, and select Guadalupe Center as the gift recipient.




Establish a Donor Advised Fund with the Collier County Community Foundation or another public charity where your funds can be invested and grow tax-free. Recommend the Guadalupe Center as a grant recipient.  

*It is important to note that Donor Advised Funds may not be used when goods or services will be received, for example, to purchase event tickets.