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Pledge to recycle by supporting Guadalupe Resale Shop

America Recycles Day was Nov. 15, a day that reinforced the practices of recycling to keep our environment pristine. Recycling spans beyond plastic bottles, cans, glass and newspaper. Take the Pledge to Recycle today and support the Guadalupe Resale Shop.

Redecorate your condo or home on a thrift store budget

There comes a time when we all want to redecorate. We grow tired of the same sofa, the same artwork, the same lampshades and the same kitchen table. We want something new. Redecorating is fun, and it gives us a chance to be creative and breathe new life into our homes, freshen things up a bit.

Commentary: Shop smart at a thrift store with these tips

Anyone who’s walked into the supermarket hungry knows the importance of carrying a shopping list. If not, your cart might be overflowing with potato chips, cookies and ice cream, and your grocery bill almost certainly will be higher than anticipated.

Making A Difference: A path of support to college

As we look back on our lives, especially our youth, I would guess that many of us have fond memories of our role models; those who made a difference in the way we viewed the world and ourselves. And I’d also guess that these role models would often be the classroom teachers who helped shape our lives.

From Cradle to Career

Two ends of the educational spectrum — our littlest ones entering school and those embarking on the next chapter of their lives — are vital to the future of local students’ success and Collier County’s economic well being.

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