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Teen raises money for Hurricane Irma victims by selling ad space on her prom dress

One thoughtful Florida teen rocked a one-of-a-kind look on prom night, as she sold ad space on her prom dress to raise funds for Hurricane Irma victims. “I saw the devastation and people not having homes anymore,” Aubrey Garcia told Naples News, speaking of the September 2017 storm that caused catastrophic damage in the northeastern Caribbean and the Florida Keys.

Students get shopping spree for college needs

Guadalupe Center supporters Brynne and Bob Coletti donated $250 Target gift cards for the 29 students in this year's program. The students used them to go on a shopping spree this week, so they could pick up the essential items they'll need on campus: towels, bedding, and school supplies.

Retired teachers make the grade at Guadalupe Center Resale Shop

“These ladies spent their professional careers making a difference in the lives of their students, so it’s only fitting that in retirement they still carry that same passion for education,” said Dawn Montecalvo, president of the Guadalupe Center. “The resale shop is an extremely busy place,” she added, “and the tireless work ethic of our volunteers certainly is appreciated.”

Irma Sheds Light on Unmet Needs in Immokalee

Hurricane Irma was one of the greatest challenges we have faced as a community over the years, yet it brought to light the resiliency of so many people, particularly the residents of lmmokalee.

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