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Setting Students up for a Lifetime of Achievement

Students come to Guadalupe Center with the ability and aptitude to achieve. Tutor Corps opens the door to the educational opportunities they need to realize their full potential. It all starts in high school, setting students on a trajectory for success by preparing them for significant life transitions. For example, as they progress from high school student to college student and college student to young professional. Guadalupe Center is there for them, every step of the way.

During high school, tutors earn a wage for working with K-2 students in Guadalupe Center’s After-school Tutoring program. Additionally, they earn scholarship funds to pay for college later. Once they are in college, Tutor Corps provides guidance and support throughout these critical preparatory years, including from their own volunteer mentor. Tutor Corps offers experiences and opportunities that make completing both high school and college attainable.

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With your support, the possibilities are endless!

Karen Santos Lifts Others as She Rises to Success

A recent Tutor Corps high school graduate, Karen Santos’ Guadalupe Center story began with the After-school Tutoring Program. She says it was the beginning of her love for learning and her desire to give back.

In high school, Karen became a part of Tutor Corps, working in the After-school Program that started it all. This time, she was the role model sharing her knowledge and encouraging the next generation of students in Immokalee.

Karen has shared this journey with her Tutor Corps mentor, Heather Borelli, one of the most influential and impactful people in her life.

“Heather is a part of my family and someone who is always there for me,” says Karen. “She is a source of support and encourages me to be the best person I can be. Her kindness and strong character have greatly impacted me.”

Karen graduated from Immokalee High School with her diploma, 30 college credits and a scholarship to college that she earned through Tutor Corps in May. Already, she is enrolled at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, majoring in biology with a minor in neuroscience. She plans to attend medical school to become an optometrist with the goal of returning to Immokalee to help the community that has helped her.

“Being a part of the mentor program was such an incredible experience,” says Heather. “To see Karen’s continuous dedication to her After-school students, her studies, her family and to the many service projects she was involved with humbled me continually. My hope is that our friendship continues to grow, even as she goes off to college. The efforts of Guadalupe Center to bring the mentors and mentees together made it such a gratifying experience!”

Why Invest in Guadalupe Center’s Tutor Corps Program?

Whether you want to contribute as a volunteer mentor or fund a scholarship for students in need, Tutor Corps is an excellent way to lift families out of poverty and help a young person realize their dreams. For many that means supporting family in Immokalee or returning to their hometown to serve in health care, education and other professional fields. With more than 222 graduates – and counting – Tutor Corps is breaking the cycle of poverty in Immokalee.